Upcoming Events

The Biber Protocol NMES Certificate

Training Workshop 2022

Date: 18 June 2022 (25 June 2022 Practical)

Venue: GSBE Global Academy

Presentation Topic: The Biber Protocol

*Sponsored talk by GSBE Global Academy

Speaker: Teresa Biber

Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists

Mentorship Program

Date: 31 July 2021

Venue: Central, Cafe

Presentation Topic: The Biber Protocol

*Sponsored talk by GSBE Global Academy

Speaker: Teresa Biber

World Physical Therapy Day Conference 

Date: 11 September 2021

Venue: Nina Hotel, Tsuen Wan, New Territories.

Presentation Topic: ReStore for Stroke Rehabilitation

*Sponsored talk by GSBE Company Ltd

Speaker: Jill Butler

Gerotech & Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES) 2021

Date: 3-6 November 2021

Venue: Hong Kong Exhibition Centre

Booth Exhibition (Booth Number 207)

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association Conference 2021 cum Sik Sik Yuen 100th Anniversary

Date: 12 December 2021

Venue: Nina Hotel, Tsuen Wan West, Hong Kong.

*Sponsored by GSBE Company Ltd

About Us

GSBE Company Ltd has a strong mission, To Put the Right Resource to the Right Person. As a connector between Medical Professionals and the Equipment Manufacturers in rehabilitation market, we strive to provide high quality rehabilitative tools and equipments for our customers.

With the development of new technologies in the area of smart healthcare and hospital, which transforms the traditional medical system in an all-round way, it certainly put rehabilitations in a more efficient, more convenient, and more personalized direction. The products that we are carrying are of such an important role to help our customers to provide excellent quality of services and effective treatments to patients. Other than products listed in this catalogue, our subsidiary, GSBE Global Academy, provides professional knowledge as well as certificate trainings to our members. This helps our customers to further optimise the understanding on the products we supply.


On behalf of our team, thank you for your business and support in the past years, and we look forward to more and more collaborations with you in the future!

Founder and Managing Director
GSBE Company Ltd | GSBE Global Academy


Golden Business Partners

Every product that we represent are of unique technology as well as design, to better serve our respectful customers. We established long term relationships with our business partners world-wide with full trust and respect. 


REhab Med Tech & Innovation Online Symposium

While adapting to a new normal after COVID-19 pandemic, we also established our Online Virtual Symposium in 2020, called the REhabMedTech & Innovations Online Symposium (REMTIOS). This will be an annual event where world class speakers present during the two weeks virtual symposium, and yet customers can also virtually walk the exhibitions at the booths of all our suppliers.

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Found in 2017, GSBE Global Academy served as a subsidiary of our company, to provide Educational Workshops and Certificate Programs for our customers and members. Please click the link to check our latest Educational Programs.

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