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Home Based
Dysphagia Training Program

A rehabilitation device
research and development by
GSBE, Hong Kong company

What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties. Some people with dysphagia have problems swallowing certain foods or liquids, while others can't swallow at all. Other signs of dysphagia include: coughing or choking when eating or drinking, bringing food back up, sometimes through the nose.



NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) is one of treatment method for Patients with Dysphagia. The Biber Protocol® is patented and evidenced protocol to re-educate muscles associated with swallowing by NMES. Patients can apply rental program under The Biber Protocol® Practitioner and Speech Therapist Supervision or recommendation to rent the device for home-based training in order to improve the effectiveness of NMES treatment.



The Biber Protocol ® 是獲得專利及研究證明的有效吞嚥肌肉電刺激療法。

吞嚥困難患者可以使用 BiberPLUS+ 電刺激系統,按照治療師所提供供的治療參數,用作吞嚥肌肉的功能性訓練。


Developed in 1999 by internationally recognized Master speech-language pathologist, Teresa Biber LoMonte, The Biber Protocol® has been often imitated but never duplicated.


The Biber Protocol® is a philosophy of providing hope for recovery. It utilizes a method of delivering painless and effective neuromuscular electrical stimulation to re- educate the muscles necessary for swallowing, voicing and facial movement.


The Biber Protocol® has been taught and used nationally and internationally by therapists and patients alike. Over Hundreds of Therapists are qualified as The Biber Protocol® Certificate Practitioner and over Hundreds of hospitals, clinics and centres are practising The Biber Protocol® Dysphagia treatment Method. There has been an estimated number of 1 million treatments using The Biber Protocol® with consistently reported excellent outcomes and without any adverse effects.


"The purpose of dysphagia rehabilitation is to restore swallow function to the highest level possible in order to prevent further complications and promote optimal quality of life" (Biber 2008)

The Biber Protocol® 於1999年由美國言語治療師Ms. Teresa Biber LoMonte 研究所得並獲取專利。

The Biber Protocol® 旨在透過有效治療方案為吞嚥困難患者帶來新希望。治療方案透過無痛並有效的肌肉電刺激方法以訓練吞嚥、發聲、面部活動所需的肌肉。The Biber Protocol® 初創於美國,現時已是國際知名的治療方案並在世界各地用於治療患者。


Ms. Teresa Biber LoMonte 歷年來到訪不同國家培訓當地言語治療師及醫護人員有關吞嚥困難的知識及The Biber Protocol® 如何能有效幫助吞嚥困難患者。數以百計的香港言語治療師已接受The Biber Protocol® 課程培訓並取得資格認可,並在各大醫院、院舍、治療中心等廣泛使用其治療方案及儀器。據估計,在全球使用The Biber Protocol® 的次數已超過1,000,000次,治療效果獲得認可,並沒有任何不良影響。

「重拾最大程度的呑嚥能力,從而減少併發症發生,増加康復者的生活質素。」(Biber 2008)


Rental Program

Patients with dysphagia can be referred and suggested to participate in the BiberPLUS+ rental program through speech therapists / The Biber Protocol® professionally qualified medical personnel, so as to conduct regular treatment at home, increase the treatment effect and provide additional opportunities for patients to perform swallowing treatment anytime and anywhere.


吞嚥困難患者可以透過言語治療師 / The Biber Protocol® 專業資格醫護人士轉介及建議參與BiberPLUS+租借計劃,以便在家中進行定時治療,增加治療效果並提供額外機會供患者隨時隨地進行吞嚥治療。



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