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Rental Program

Patients with dysphagia can be referred and suggested to participate in the BiberPLUS+ rental program through speech therapists / The Biber Protocol® professionally qualified medical personnel, so as to conduct regular treatment at home, increase the treatment effect and provide additional opportunities for patients to perform swallowing treatment anytime and anywhere.


吞嚥困難患者可以透過言語治療師 / The Biber Protocol® 專業資格醫護人士轉介及建議參與BiberPLUS+租借計劃,以便在家中進行定時治療,增加治療效果並提供額外機會供患者隨時隨地進行吞嚥治療。

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Rental Program Flow


Referral by The Biber Protocol® Practitioner / Speech Therapist

Designated Protocol and recommended program to Patient

3 Months Rental

患者由言語治療師 / The Biber Protocol® 專業資格醫護人士轉介

治療師 / 醫護人士為病人


Rental program must be referred by The Biber Protocol ® Practitioners / Speech Therapists

言語治療師 / The Biber Protocol®

Service Support

  • Device Enquiry: including all Rental Program, Maintenance, Operational details

  • GSBE Company Ltd in Kwun Tong & Dedicated hotline in office hours

  • Electrode Reseller Point in Kowloon, New Territories and Hong Kong Island

  • Local Speech Therapist Clinical Backup

  • Local Speech Therapist Referral Service

  • The Biber Protocol® and NMES Expert Backup Video Reference (e.g. Electrode Placement, Electrode Care)

  • The Biber Protocol® Treatment Procedure Card

Call Center Headset


  • 包括租借計劃詳情、保養、操作方法等

  • 辦工時間內設有固定專線以作查詢

  • 香港島、九龍、新界均有電極貼分銷點

  • 本地言語治療師臨床支援

  • 本地言語治療師轉介服務

  • 海外The Biber Protocol® 專家作顧問支援

  • 參考影片(例如電極貼位置示範、電極貼保養方法)

  • The Biber Protocol® 治療程序卡

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